List of Services

Cleanroom Panels
Cleanroom Doors
Fire doors
Air Handling units
Fan filter unit
Fan coil unit
Ventilation & Exhaust Unit
Epoxy flooring and Vinyl flooring
PVC coving and Aluminium Coving
Cleanroom Equipments
Dynamic passbox and Static passbox
Laminar Airflow
Air Showers
Bio Safety Cabinet
Filter Cleaning Booth
SS lab furnitures
Cross Over Bench
Fume Hoods and Garment cubicle
HVAC systems
Pre Fabricated Ducts
Fan Filter Unit
Fan coil Unit

Solar Hybrid AC
Air Purifier
Air Curtains


The SML Clean Room Solutions team consists of qualified engineers and professionals
who provide qualification protocols, factory testing, site inspections for pre-commission
startup, and commissioning.

The services include the Installation of Clean Room Panels, Clean Room Doors, Fire
Doors, HVAC Systems, AHU, Clean Room Equipment, Flooring Epoxy and Vinyl,
Coving PVC and Aluminium, SOLAR Hybrid AC, Air Purifiers, SS Furniture, Structure
and Engineering Consulting, Air Handling Units, Fan Filter Units, Positive Pressure
Units, Laminar Airflow, Biosafety Cabinets, Dynamic Pass Boxes, Static Pass Boxes,
Garment Cubicles, Cross-Over Benches, Fume Hoods, Pre-fabricated Ducts, Double-
glazed Windows for Clean Room & Civil Walls, All Types of ESD Related Products, Air
Curtains, BMS, and complete facility validation.

Other services include complete documentation on Design Qualification, Installation
Qualification, Operation Qualification and Performance Qualification using state-of-the-
art equipment.

SML Clean Room Solutions provides a comprehensive solution for commissioning,
balancing, qualifications, and validation of clean rooms, clean room products, air
management, and other facilities in accordance with industry standards